Why Effective Web Design Makes all the Difference

Effective is a general word. What makes your website effective? Well, the goal of developing any businesses web presence is to increase their lead volume. Companies are looking for a way to make it easier for people to find their products or services. Taking your business online is a great idea! However, if you think that your website will start converting leads right away… your wrong. Effective Inbound Marketing Firm and web deign is not just about looks, it’s about how your website functions with humans. A Seattle Web Design company understands how to fit visual and functional components together.

Some of the most important web design elements you must consider

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The first element of importance is in regards to how humans see your website. If your website does not showcase your branding to your target market in a way that’s appealing then you will not attract the right kind of people into your sales funnel. It’s important that your web development company understands your target market so that they are able to develop your website according to their specific needs

The second area of importance has to do with the function of your site. Your web designer should have a solid understanding of conversation rate optimization. The setup of right CRO is dependent upon your specific demographic. For instance, if you’re looking to convert people on an eCommerce website compared to a service based site, your sales funnel will look entirely different.

There’s also many different types of service based companies. For example, a plumber might have customers who are more apt to call you right away as people are usually in an emergency situation and need help right away while a professional video production company usually deals with a long-term closing cycle with their customers.

Site Structure for SEO

Maybe you’ve heard the term search engine optimization but don’t really understand how that fits into your web design. Well, the structure of your website determines how Google indexes and interprets what your website is about. If your designer is communicating with you about your SEO, then you want to make sure and ask them if they can connect you with someone who does understand it.

At the end of the day, make sure your web designer understand your business and you so that they are able to effectively design your site to market correctly to your customers.

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